Premier League Enterprise Challenge

Premier League (PL) Enterprise is a programme designed to help tackle the issue of under-achievement at school, the challenges with individuals lacking aspiration and ambition and the broader issue of ensuring young people have the skills required to make the most of their lives and more specifically employment and self-employment opportunities.

The PL Enterprise Challenge, is an annual event where schools and young people can take part in an exciting national competition. The event has become an important milestone in the Premier League promotional diary and this year is supported by the PL and Sport Relief.

Tasked to work on a real brief set by the Premier League’s Executive Chairman, Richard Scudamore, participating teams have the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of their Football Club including marketing, finance and customer service as well as developing key entrepreneurial skills which are put to the test throughout the Challenge.

Via a Club heat, each Club Community Organisation (CCO) will select a representative team to take part in a regional Play-Off event at a professional football club stadium. From these events, a select number of teams will be chosen to compete in the Final, due to be held in London.