Premier League Kicks

The Premier League Kicks Project targets those living in communities considered to be more vulnerable to crime either as victims or potential offenders. A key objective is to break down barriers between police and young people and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the targeted areas. Kicks identifies project locations and in partnership with the local police influences the days and times of provision. 

The Blackpool FC Community Trust currently has several Kicks sites in the local area operating across six nights of the week. New participants should fill out a consent form from here, come down to one of the sessions and hand it to one of the qualified Blackpool FC Community Trust coaches and join in right away. Kicks delivery continues for 50 weeks of the year and every session is completely free of charge.

As well as the free sports sessions, Kicks also offers pathways into regular competitive football matches and tournaments with other Kicks teams throughout the

Please see timetable below for the Kicks sessions in Blackpool:


1st October 2017 – 1st April 2018



Monday St George’s High School, Sports Hall,

Cherry Tree Road, FY4 4PH

George Bancroft Park, MUGA,

Stansfield Street, FY1 6jb

Tuesday, Astroturf pitches,

Garstang Road West, FY3 7JH

Wednesday Claremont Park, MUGA,

Claremont Road, FY1 2QH

Thursday Boundary Primary School, MUGA,

Dinmore Avenue, FY3 7RW

Watson Road Park, MUGA,

Watson Road, FY4 4DA

Friday Sports Barn, MUGA,

Caunce Street, FY1 3HP

Saturday Louie Horrocks Park, MUGA,

Lytham Road, FY4 1RA

Session Age Group:                            Session Time:

School Years 3 – 6                                                 6 – 7pm

School Years 7 – 9                                                 7 – 8pm

School Years 10 – 13 (up to 18 years)                 8 – 9pm


Please note, you do not need to be in education or employment to attend Kicks Sessions.

For more information on Kicks Sessions, call Michael Brown on 01253 348691